Anyone working with only an iPad?

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Teila Day
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iPad beats notebooks in some tasks

I've also used the camera connection kit and have gotten tons of use out of my iPad. I've used it to death. I've shot aerials, and have sent the files to the respective real estate developer before the aircraft even landed. I've shot beach property and have sent files across the globe using the connection kit w/out ever leaving the beach (no processing involved).

There's a lot of tasks where a tablet is more practical than using my notebook, but when it comes to processing, I stick with the heavy hitting desk top. I have no aspiration to process photographs using my iPad whatsoever; too slow and not enough ram (on any model iPad).

I do wish Apple would do away with the ridiculous connection kit and create a model with usb connectivity and a normal file system on the larger capacity iPads, in fact, drop the 64gb model for something 128mb or higher.

I definitely use my iPad more than my notebook, but the iPad isn't close to being a notebook replacement yet. Not nearly enough power or ram.

Best in photography to you

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