What happens to "returned" cameras??

Started Jan 7, 2003 | Discussions thread
Doug J Veteran Member • Posts: 9,406
Re: What happens to "returned" cameras?? > not automatically "destroyed"

chooflaki wrote:

I hope that those why buy cameras for a free trial don't mind that their next faux purchase is sold to them as new even though it may have been returned for the same reasons by someone else.

But I suspect they would be the ones screaming loudest if they found out they were sold a camera as new that had been used by someone else.

Indeed. I don't see an issue with a short-term return due to a defective camera, but restocking fees should otherwise apply, with a subsequent resale identified as previously-owned. No free use, evaluation of several different models and no cherry picking. The rest of the customers end up paying for these practices.

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