Taking my newly aquired D200 out for a spin

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Re: Taking my newly aquired D200 out for a spin

I've been shooting the D200 since 2006.  When the D300 came out I decided to pass it for the D400.  Now even if D400 does appear, I may not get it, for many reasons.  (No, going "full frame" is not one of the reasons.  Remember when 35mm (full frame) was called a mini-format - because it was/is derived from movie film stock).

Anyway, the D200 works nice up to ISO400.  Notice yours were typically ISO100 -and- shutter typically 1/250.  I also have the 70-300mm and always try to stay 1/500 or faster if shooting long.   Camera shake (too slow shutter) is the biggest sharpness problem/cause and the most ignored.  And about using f11, I prefer f8 (for shutter speed) but if  f11 is needed I would not worry one whit about diffraction, diffraction is the newest "buzz" but it is the least likely aspect to cause image problems for 99.999% of us.  ( I won't even acknowledge a complaint about diffraction unless you tell me you are using a tripod with proper technique).


ps - I have a Sony Cyber Shot WX150 coming for fun.  That will be interesting because I'd sworn I'd never use a camera that you have to hold out to shoot - no view finder.

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