What happens to "returned" cameras??

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Re: What happens to "returned" cameras?? > not automatically "destroyed"

NewsView wrote:

This is an old thread but I was just informed at a major big-box chain that digital electronics that have any sort of memory, such as digital cameras, are not resold to gray market resellers or even manufacturer refurbished, rather they are destroyed. "Thrown out" were the exact words. Some manufacturers will not accept open-box returns for credit, hence the policy. This is hugely environmentally wasteful but not unprecedented. In the book business, paperbacks are stripped of their covers and it is the cover that is returned by bookstores for credit. The book itself is thrown away. The cover-less books cannot be recycled and it is illegal to donate them.

It's highly unlikely that digital cameras returned to either the reseller or the manufacturer are all destroyed, simply because they are returns. There is essentially no personal information stored in the device's limited memory to warrant such a practice.

In the US, there are refurbished digital cameras sold by numerous resellers, and by a least one manufacturer, Canon.

There are frequent threads on DPR related to a customer receiving what appears to be a previously-owned camera, resold as new by various resellers, including large resellers. In addition to any impact on landfills, there is significant cost involved.

Do you have a link to this information, or was this word of mouth from a store employee?

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