YongNuo rf-603C Flash Trigger Synch Speed

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Re: YongNuo rf-603C Flash Trigger Synch Speed

JerryG1 wrote:

slowhands wrote:


Darn shame the marketing pictures show a full set of canon contacts, but the units delivered don't have all the contacts to do eTTL pass thru (and certainly don't transmit eTTL)

At $36/pair I wouldn't call it a shame.

I never saw those marketing pictures, and the reviews I read/saw made clear that these were not TTL devices. I got everything I expected, with the minor exception of a slightly low synch speed.

There are 5 contacts (full set) on the bottom shoe. They may be needed to wake a flash up in the transmit mode, or to focus and shoot in receive mode?

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For anyone reading this thread today, I'd consider the newer YN 622C's as they do E-TTL and HSS - very nice compliments to your Canon Speedlite and can be had for less than US$90 pair.

FWIW I have used ultra cheep 16 channel ebay radio triggers, RF-602's, RF-603's and now YN 622C's and have never gotten clean frames at 1/200th with any of them on my 5DII. In fact, I often shoot at 1/125th just to be safe since even 1/160th isn't always perfect.

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