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Re: Outdoor On Location Studio strobes

Sailor Blue wrote:

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Christopher D Mann wrote:

That is a good question about the center puck that I would also like to know myself. I wanted to know as I and looking at the same dish how far do you place dish away from your subjects when you shoot?

I found that any modifier placed over 15 feet from the talent loses its effectiveness so I try to place my light sources as close as possible unless I want a more secular look. I do use the puck with the white beauty dish, not the silver.

For soft light and a good ratio between the highlight and shadow sides of a face the general guide line is to use a square or rectangular softbox to subject distance of between 1 and 2 times the diagonal of the face of the softbox. For a round light source like a beauty dish, octobox, or umbrella it is 1 to 2 times the measured diameter of the open diffuser.

Any light source will become harder as it is moved further from the subject since its relative size diminishes. You get some softening out to about 3 diagonals/diameters but by 4 you might as well just use the 7" bowl reflector.

and the problem there is that the 22" doesn't give you enough for full length until you get it into harsh territory. I do like the portability factor and the fact that it doesn't blow around as much.

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