Displaying pdf files on Safari 5.1.7

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Re: Displaying pdf files on Safari 5.1.7

Peter Parsons wrote:

Maybe someone on this forum knows the answer to this question. I am using v.5.1.7 of Safari which will not display a pdf file. All I get is a black page. Have checked preferences but no reference there to pdf files. I am using OS Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Any help would be much appreciated.

Most likely something with the pdf browser plugins is screwed up (eg, the version of Safari and the version of the plugin are not compatible). Just go to /Library/Internet Plug-ins (and to ~/Library/Internet Plug-ins) and delete everything with pdf in the name (if you want to be safe, copy them to somewhere else first). Restart Safari and things should work again.

This works because Safari can display pdfs without the help of a plugin (but Firefox, at least for a very long time, needed one). Thus just chucking out the not properly working pdf plugins thus allows Safari to display the pdfs and not handing them over to a non-functioning plugin.

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