24, 45, and 85 PC-E Lenses (why?)

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Re: 24, 45, and 85 PC-E Lenses (why?)

GlobalGuyUSA wrote:

Hi, with the introduction of the Samyang 24mm PC lens, I was wondering if you could help me learn more about the application for such PC lenses. Nikon has 24, 45, and 85mm PC lenses, as I understand. But what are they each for? I've done a google search, but there is no list.
As far as I understand the major categories are like this:

1. Architecture
2. Small Product Photography/Food Photography
3. Medium-to-Large Product Photography
4. Miniatured Landscapes?
5. Etc....
Can you help me make a list of which lens is better for which application?
24mmPC is good for....... (list)
45mmPC is good for....... (list)
85mmPC is good for....... (list)

I realize I probably do not need these lenses if I don't know what they are for (and I pretty much feel that I don't) - but I am interested in learning more about them. Thanks!

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Sincerely, GlobalGuyUSA

I would not dissect these lenses as suggested.  Focal Length is focal length.  A PC capable lens adds Tilt - Shift (-Rotate, and combination).  Tilt enables Selective Plane Focus (scheimpflug principle), and Shift adjusts View Level (Convergence/Divergence).

Thus, "commonly", wide angles are more for shift (e.g. 24-PCE for landscape), and medium-short-telephoto are more for tilt (e.g. 85-PCE for commercial food), BUT NOT always.  For example, a 24-PCE can be used for diagonal plane focus (tilt) in landscape or in (group) portrait (with combined shift-tilt), too.

My humble 2cents.


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