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Craig from Nevada wrote:

There is a fair amount of discussion here about gear--the merits of the 12-60mm versus the 14-54mm or a 11-22mm over just going 12-60mm. These are important discussions to be sure, but the toughest choice I face with gear is how to carry it, particularly if you are a day hiker such as myself.

I am using a lowepro pack--AW400. With this I normally carry a lens or two--a 50-200mm and maybe the 8mm. I also bring along binoculars, some snacks, lunch and water and more water

I also use a cotton carrier vest. This usually includes the e-5 and the 12-60mm.

I am pleased with the vest, which was overpriced and worth every cent of the price, but the pack is another story. Getting camera gear in is a pain. I don't feel like there is adequate space for water.

Would I be better off with a regular day pack?

What do the hikers amongst us use?

A pet peeve--it seems the camera backpack makers either ignore support and suspension entirely (hey, these padded shoulder straps are all you need!) or build some honking stout bag then slap on an overkill suspension, strap and waistbelt combo that's intended to hide the fact the pack doesn't really fit.

For day hikes when I lug photo gear I want a perimeter-frame pack with a functioning waist belt (not just a webbing strap) and either adjustable back length or available in sizes to match my torso. Add waist belt pockets, side pockets I can reach w/o removing the pack, panel-loading main compartment (perimeter zip rather than top-loading) and plentiful reinforced external attachment points.

I currently use Gregory and Osprey packs that share this configuration. They're different volumes for differing conditions and loads, now discontinued so the models aren't germane here.

I've added a chest pack to tote my E-M5 or I suppose, the E-30--I doubt the E-5 fits. The E-M5 (yeah, wrong forum) is pretty much my ideal backpacking camera--but I still love my E-lenses.



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