Nikon D80, is it too old to buy ?

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Surprised to hear you say this Sammy....

Sammy Yousef wrote:

In your shoes I'd buy a used D90. It's still my main camera, and it does a superb job.

Why a D90? Stellar IQ, few flaws or problems compared to other bodies. Fully capable (built in flash commander). Bodies with a built in motor give you access to more lenses and lots of cheaper used ones! The D90 give you good IQ, ISO up 800 is good. 12MP is plenty if you need to crop a little.

In the last few weeks, I've used the D90, D70s and now D200 which I just bought used.

Old doesn't mean unusable, but it will restrict the conditions you can shoot under somewhat. Here's my first outing with my newly acquired ancient D200 from just yesterday - bringing a flash makes a huge difference:

The D70s is my take to work every day use once in a blue moon throw around camera. Used it last week at a friend's retirement lunch. Sure the D90 would have done better, but I was caught off guard as I'd forgotten about the lunch, so was glad I had a camera with me. It had a 28-80 mounted which wasn't wide enough but I still made do.

...after all of your posts about Nikon not caring about customers. It appears that the Canon 40d has a special secret "remapping" feature for DIY hot pixel cleaning. Would be handy indeed.

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