Got my D7100 thread... your first impressions?

Started Mar 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
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New features I like immediately

Probably were on earlier Nikons, but I love the Easy ISO setting and display on the LCD instead of the nearly worthless image count.  The Easy ISO setting allows you to change the ISO with the back dial and not having to press any buttons.  You can easily get the image count by turning off the camera, and it displays.

Can't think of how many times I accidentally turned up the ISO and forgot on the D300s.  I see it also displays in the viewfinder.

Also that virtual horizon in the viewfinder is nifty... have it set to one of the FN buttons.

The U1/U2 buttons will also be very useful for me rather than hunting through the menus to find my setting banks... which was so unintuitive, I never used the feature.

Not missing the D300s one bit so far.

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