New Soft button company. One word... Beautiful!

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Re: Thumbs up!

DTwigg wrote:

I just got my X-E1 yesterday and had my first photo session today. I have large hands with fairly thick fingers. The stock release is kind of small and I didn't get it depressed on the first try a number of times. So...I think I'm going to get one of the small black ones (ebony I think). As for being a Hipster, I'm not even sure what that is and I'm pretty sure I've never been one. What I am is old enough to be more interested in how something works than what someone thinks of it...or me.

Good luck to all you worried Hipsters. (LOL)


Fabulous, so nothing to worry about then??

Hipsters are in their 20s-30s ... so it says in the Urban Dictionary, in fact I would love to fulfil all those requirements/qualifications ...

Might jst, as a first step, get a couple of those buttons, to make sure of course!!

Will give the Urban Dic guy a "like" in a mo ...



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