Recommendation on a hot swappable drive.

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Re: Recommendation on a hot swappable drive.

Jerry Pruce wrote:

I just purchased a 15" Macbook Pro and would like to improve my backup system. Currently I have 1.5gbs of of backup on 2 Lacie Firewire drives. I don't know that much about hot swappable Ex. drives, but thought It might give me what I want. What I would like is to have 2 drives (2 terabytes each) I could swap out every couple weeks. One would go in my safe deposit box and the other would be used for backing up my latest files. I use CC Cloner to do my backup. What I'm looking at is an enclosure, 2 swappable drives, and a case for the drive I would keep at a remote location. Thunderbolt connectivity would be my first choice.

Your comments and recommendations would be greatly appreciated......


I highly recommend Voyager 2.5"/3.5" sleds. You can buy internal drives by the buckets, label them and use with this external drive sled.

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