is the X100s really worth an extra 600 over X100?

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Re: is the X100s really worth an extra 600 over X100?

94 wrote:

ahuyevshi wrote:

I would get the s if you can afford it. Having regret is no fun! If money is a concern maybe my answer would change

Yeah I guess I was just convincing myself I didn't need to spend the extra $$$

I'll be waiting for the 100s to be delivered then

The X100 was such a great camera until the announcement of the X100s, wasn't it?

It's gotten difficult to remember just how worthy the X100 is and yet budget minded photographers ought to keep it in mind because it's such an easy way to save $500. or $600.

So far we haven't had much exposure to the image characteristics of an X100s. Very little 'serious' work with it where one could decide if the lens/sensor combination of the new can equal the sometimes magical qualities that the X100 has earned a following by producing. I mean the special 'something', almost indefinable; the look that a few cameras give us and oh so many do not give us in artistic work.

Many people agree that some of the screw-in Leica lenses produced images of a quality never equaled since their hayday. Some people have reported feeling that the X100 produces pictures of that type of unquantifiable 'specialness' and until the X100s proves that it too can evoke those types of reports then as far as anyone knows it is only yet another maker of mundane images.

The X100 has a cult like following. It's not because of it's undeniably good retro looks - it's because of the pictures that can be taken with it. Is it to be rejected for a newer unproven model - the X100s might only be a better family snapshot maker and lose the reason that so many fine photographers have sought out an x100.

Do you get my meaning, at all?

I completely understand what you mean. I am interested in "upgrading" my x100 to the 's' but am worried it won't render in the same way that the original does, there is something unique about this that makes it stand out from all the cameras out there

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