Can someone explain me ...

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Re: Can someone explain me ...

A few further thoughts...

  • After I discovered two or three of my images on other websites I unchecked the 'Allow downloads of originals' (emphasis added) box in 'My Profile – Edit Settings' and, since then, I have detected no instances of unauthorised use although this might just be a coincidence.   I know this is not a fail-safe solution because it won't stop people downloading and unlawfully using images entered into challenges, even though they are generally compressed to some degree.   Maybe the answer is for DPR to block all downloading, which I believe is technically possible.
  • I'm not sure that watermarking is a solution for two reasons: many hosts ban the practice and watermarks, where allowed, generally remove cloak of anonymity from the entrant.   This would facilitate vote rigging or sandbagging.
  • A re-reading of the offending document causes me to wonder about who exactly is using DPR for less than honourable purposes, or is it entirely coincidental that vqueen's challenge provided the images required for the lecture or presentation?   In other words, is vqueen also an unwitting victim?   I do not know the answer to this question and I am not making any allegations here but I cannot imagine a more efficient way to garner a lot of images of any particular subject from across the world.   One way or another, the culprit, whoever s/he is, has saved himself/herself a great deal of time and expense by getting DPR members to do his/her work for him/her.
  • Tasad – Perhaps you should alert vqueen by private message to what has occurred and suggest that s/he comment in this thread?  His/her response or silence on the matter will be interesting!  I invite other contributors to comment on this approach.


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