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Re: How much shadow lifting on sunflower picture ? (banding)

I don't know if your monitor calibration has anything to do with it, maybe it has more to do with what you would consider "banding".

There is some measurable noise patterning going on, but you have to look at the original file from flickr here (sized 6000x4000) in the area that I indicated (it's also in other areas though).

Anyway it's low in magnitude, so given the fact that you can't see it it would probably mean that it would be of no consequence to you. I often work with high dynamic range pictures, where I need to lift shadows substantially (~ +2EV maybe +3EV at max) ... so I'm trying to find precisely from the OP the condition of this particular picture in its original form...before flickr does its thing possibly even before jpeg compression does its thing...and optimally even without ADL.

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