How to join the Sony family in a proper way!

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Re: How to join the Sony family in a proper way!

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Greetings everyone xD

I've used to be a p&s guy for years until I realised that my pictures looked kinda meh, so about 1 year ago I decided to step up a bit and invested some money in a Nex c3.

I've enjoyed it quite a lot, so I thought to go even deeper and invest some money in a real dslr, and use the C3 as a p&s on steroids that I can always bring with me.

I'm definitely into landscapes, you can have a look at my extremely amateurish gallery here to get an idea of what I like.

With that in mind, what kind of setup would you suggest to have a nice improvement coming from a Nex c3 with standard lens kit?

I reckon the budget limit would be around the A77, but is that much really needed or is there some good alternative? I'd prefer the A57-58-65 price range (but I've found a lot of posts complaining about the A58 for not being a major improvement over the A57)

Since I have 0 experience when it comes to dslr I'd also appreciate a camera that is user friendly and allows for a nice learning curve.

Basically every camera store around here is trying to push me for a Nikon D5200, but after such a nice experience with the Nex C3 I'd prefer to stick with Sony.

Any suggestion will be hugely appreciated ^___^

ps: suggestions regarding my pics would be hugely appreciated as well!

Well, If you want the Dslr experience but stay with sony, ( which I think is a great idea) you might want to see if you can find a new or good condition  alpha 580, which is a kind of unique camera. Very well buil in Japant, excellent 16mp sensor, no fixed mirror to reduce light, but still has fast live view focus. You can use it as a full live view camera or a traditional dslr, and the low light performance is excellent. You have full backward compatability with all the minolta af lenses as well as all 3rd party lenses, including sigma... I think the build is higher quality than the A57,58,65 as is the low light performance. The Minolta 24-105 is a suprisingly good walk around lens that is very inexpensive or the 18-105 sony works great on this camera.  I have had excellent results with the older minolta lenses, esp the 85 1.4 and 28-70 2.8 although they are slower to focus. Some rather inexpensive lenses like the minolta 35-105 are very sharp if you dont need a fast lens.    have fun

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