50mm lens "clacking"

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Re: 35mm lens "clacking"

Thanks for the replies, everyone; it was the aperture blades making noises.. is it normal with your experiences? I have the 35mm (Thank you Randy) and the 18-55 zoom... Both makes the same noises when focusing, while the zoom is a bit quieter...

Will you consider this to be a defective or just normal for the X range lenses?



Randy Benter wrote:

jc48375 wrote:

Good afternoon:

just got my X-E1 yesterday and finally have the time to update the firmware and give it a workout...

I noticed that whenever I press the shutter button to start the autofocus... the 50mm lens makes a rather annoying "clacking" sound, and I traced it back to the f-stop blades inside the lens..

is this something you experience with your X-E1 as well or should it send this back to the seller?

Please advise - thanks


Fuji does not make a 50mm lens. Which lens are you talking about?

If your lens is making a "rather annoying" sound, then it is probably defective. Exchange it.

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