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Re: Fuji HS50 EXR using its manual zoom ring in video

Francis Carver wrote:

I would like to find someone who has the HS50 EXR camera on a tripod and using a video fluid head, I would very much like to find out if you are able to pull zoom with it smoothly from one end to the other? That is, turn the zoom ring from 24mm to 1000mm and back while you are recording video. Someone on You Tube reported from the U.K. that the lens is all plastic and there is immense friction in turning the telescoping zoom lens by the manual zoom ring. He said that he simply cannot see this lens being able to be used in video mode while trying to zoom into and out of the subject.

In that case, the SL1000 with its 50x servo zoom and amazing 24mm to 1200mm reach that can be controlled via a servo switch on 2 different locations (on the lens and also on the topside of the camera) might be a better alternative for Fujifilm video shooters who want to zoom into and out of the subject while in the middle of a take. Of course, the lens quality with a 50X Finepix is not going to be any better then the lens quality with a 42x Finepix would be, it's just you should be able to operate the zoom lever much easier than the manual ring.

If it's anything like the lens on the HS30 I had, it would be useless for video. I think the HS series lenses are only for going from wide to tele in one go, trying to stop them anywhere in between is a nightmare they are so stiff with very jerky operation.

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