Nikon D7100 crop factor

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Re: Craig, that really is a meaningless question

Marty4650 wrote:

I get the feeling that if the OP had traded up to a an E5 (which is also a better camera than the E510) then no one here would be criticizing him and asking "will you take better photographs?" or scrutinizing his posting history.

No, and rightly so. What you ignore here is that the reason for this scrutinizing is the emerging pattern of "saying good bye without much of a hi first." As with recent thread started by first time poster who registered to say "I am leaving." Kind of hard to take seriously and not to question the motive for the post.

Instead, they would be congratulating him and telling him what a great decision he made.

Why not, it would be. Better yet, as it was pointed out earlier, the best decision would be to wait a few month and see what body and at what price Olympus comes up with and what it does to E-5 price - then make a final decision with all information laid out. Let's see:

- more data about Nikon 7100 and possibly working out first quirks;

- concrete knowledge of a new body, price point and technological direction taken by Olympus;

- seeing new price for E-5;

- possible price decrease for Nikon 7100.

Are all these benefits worth a few months wait, and create much better platform for a decision?

But no, this place again and again becomes a Hotel California where whoever checks out never leaves anyway, and too many are too happy to regurgitate this stale crap about "dead system."

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