Monitors viewing comfort : CCFL backlighting versus LED backlighting ?

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Re: DELL U3014 ?

NewsyL wrote:

TFT Central is about a week away from releasing their review. I get their Twitter feed and this is what they have said so far...

"Dell U3014 review sneak peek - light AG coating confirmed

nicer semi matte finish, thinner grain than was used on previous models, they say.

, no cross-hatching. PWM used for all backlight dimming but at very high 2500Hz"

That makes sense. As long as it won't induce eyes fatigue, I'm ok with it.

"Confirmed, the Dell U3014 is using LG.Display's new LM300WQ6-SLA1 AH-IPS panel. Review a work in progress"

Might be same panel as used by competitors.

Where did you read that it can be set to 50 cd/m2?

Here , 5th paragraph… and here also, third paragraph. They say that the brightness can be set from 50 to 350 cd/m2 (theoretical numbers, real numbers may differ a bit). Pretty good for a LED screen. Of course, no one will use a screen at 50 cd/m2, or a spy on duty maybe… But if it can 50 to 350, it should cruise nicely between 100 and 200.

Also, I've read of problems with the USB3 ports on the latest Dell monitors, can't recall which model but it was either the U2713HM or U2713H. Lots of reports of cross hatching on the U2713HM.


The HM is a cheaper consumer grade monitor. Well, I am not a fervent DELL supporter, but let's see what reviewers can find about their flagship model. Next week maybe for TFT Central?


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