B&W Paris Streets (on music) : Tell me what you think, please.

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Re: B&W Paris Streets (on music) : Tell me what you think, please.

RoelHendrickx wrote:

I have been looking for a way to make slideshows more controlled and dynamic (and to add music)

I very much like this kind of presentation, and I think this show is very nice! You certainly have great shots to start with. I do think thoughtful use of zoom and pan is the best. I noticed a few standard tropes in your show of which I approve. Showing the larger frame then zooming into the focal subject usually works. The reverse, too, starting close in, then zooming out to reveal the context. Trickier stuff is to use the zoom and pan to really show two different aspects of the same photo (panning during zoom so that the original focus disappears).

Some other thoughts: Although some of your pan and zooms seemed very thoughtful, some seemed "random." Or, anyway, I did not get the point. I also prefer slower zoom and pan, in general, so that I can "study" the pic better. Variety, also, is, of course, generally good, and my wife (who is pretty darn good at these things) often does some stationary frames, just to vary things up and, I presume, also because some shots have much less of a dynamic point to make. I think it's always good to make such judgments, otherwise it becomes just a trick, and not a mode of visual design.

We use fotomatico software. It's quite flexible. Not on your portable device, as far as I know. Most of our travel presentations are now in this style. We burn blu-ray, which is fabulous on a large screen TV. Among other things, the 60 frame per second, progressive format make zooming VERY smooth.


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