Nikon D7100 crop factor

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Ulfric M Douglas Veteran Member • Posts: 4,810
Re: Nikon D7100 crop factor

Chrisp63 wrote:

... so have made the choice to get the D7100 ...

As a first consumer model to offer this 'crop' I think you have made a good choice : but personally I'd hold off for a couple of months since Nikon's quality control (or design?) has fallen off a cliff recently regarding shutter/mirror assemblies in the D600.

Also : I do hope you're not a Jpeg fan, since my neighbour's D7000 cannot for the life of it make colour Jpegs anything like as pleasing as my old e-410 (or e-600 for that matter).

RAW is the only way to go with Nikon DSLRs in my opinion.

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