how do you protect your pictures online?

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Re: how do you protect your pictures online?

I just spent a month of shooting in London. Time,effort,  dealing with weather, and everything it takes to get serious shots. In this case the photographs could be stolen because there is always a market for great photos of sites from London (or any major famous city) photographed in unique ways (for example).

But honestly beyond not placing large HQ files online and stating the copyright, what are you going to do! Someone in China (where piracy is rampant in all creative fields) could take them and start a little business.

The music industry has been decimated in real value lasting terms because of digital piracy.  It will never recover to the revenue level of 1995 for instance.

So pros who count on revenue to feed their kids are in a uniquely different place than non pros.

I do not make my living from photography, but it ties in to another creative art where I do, so I have more than a passing interest in this issue.

Another possibility is that if you are selling prints for over $200 dollars and up then have a customer see the LQ file .....get their cc info, verify who they are, and then let them see the big file behind a password before they buy. Serious legitimate buyers will not object to this.

Just an idea

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