Nikon D7100 crop factor

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Craig, that really is a meaningless question

Craig from Nevada wrote:

Do you think you will be able to take better photographs?

Of course not.

Photographic skill isn't determined by the camera you are holding.

It really is possible to take awful photos with a Nikon D4, and it it also possible to take great photos with a camera phone.

But you are asking a meaningless question.

We both know that a camera like the Nikon D7100 will offer it's user much more capabilities, much better technical quality (but not "artistic quality"), and many more features than the OP's Olympus E510.

If no one wanted better cameras, then we would all be using camera phones and cheap P&S cameras, and no one would even buy something as nice as an Olympus E510.

Craig... are you still using your E510, or did you move up to an E30, E5, or OM-D?

Why did you move up?

I get the feeling that if the OP had traded up to a an E5 (which is also a better camera than the E510) then no one here would be criticizing him and asking "will you take better photographs?" or scrutinizing his posting history.

Instead, they would be congratulating him and telling him what a great decision he made.

These are only tools, and not a religion. No one should be put off if someone has to switch brands to get something newer or better. If anyone is at fault, then blame Olympus for failing to provide the products their customers want.

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