Does anyone know how I can trigger a F43AM wirelessly?

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Re: HVL-F20AM to trigger

dpyy wrote:

Glenn wrote:

well no... it will work as a commander but the flash has no functionality for ratio control. you need a 56 58 or 60 as a controller for that. but that's only for ratio control not for TTL support so the 20 will trigger your other flashes and you will have TTL support but can't set ratios with different groups of flashes.

And I actually don't know if the NEX cameras can even do ratios with the top flashes installed either. I know this as a flash function not a camera function so I am assuming it would work but only because it's always worked on my A mount stuff

So just to confirm, if I buy the 20AM I will have to the ability to trigger my 43AM wirelessly but there's no ratio control? So both the 20 and 43 will do their own TTL and configure itself accordingly?

And how will compensation work? So if I set the flash comp to +2EV both the flashes will behave? What am I losing out on without ratio control?

Does anyone else know how the flashes work together remotely in terms of TTL and flash comp? Please?

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