Cheap Printer?

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Cheap Printer?

I am thinking to come back to printing and frame my pictures.

I am disconnected of the actual printer´s market. i used to print B&W using the MIS inks on Epson cheap printers like the stylus EX and others. I tried to run Cone inks on a big and Old and big Epson A2 model, I do not remember the model now but I got fed up of cloggings and problems.

At that time the colour inks were Dye based,the pigment inks were introduced at the time I quite printing. of course the B/W inks were pigment based.

I ended using a Dye Sub. Olympus P400 for colour family printing only. I still use it as is easy to print without troubles. A that time I preffered the Kodak sublimation system look but was quite expensive.

Actually have an home office Brother combo that is not photo cartridge designed. and of course the Olympus.

Is there a cheap printer without problems to test and try again the B&W printing on the cheap way?

My intention at that time was to stop the quemical lab printing because of lack of room for it but keeping the quality of the baryta paper finish. The technology of home printing was starting a that time.

I is the technology any better now?

Is there something free of head cloggs?

I preffer to avoid the Epson printers and try with any cheap before.

The printer will be to make Both color and B&W.

I have not room at home, if not I will try to dismantle and install a proyector (the core) on an Enlarger frame and try if the silver chemical paper can be exposed in that way.

Any advice and help is wellcome.


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