Weatherproof casing for G1X?

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Re: Here's the earlier post

elleacive wrote:

Rod McD wrote:

Hi again,

Here's the earlier post.....with pictures. It's from four months ago. Sorry, I couldn't see how to make it link as a url. If you search this forum for the terms in the title, you should find it.

Title was "Here's a great, cheap, 100% waterproof case for G1X......."

Hope this helps. Cheers, Rod

Perhaps my description wasn't very good... I'm looking for a bag/casing that will allow me to take photos while the camera is in that bag/box.

Thanks for the suggestion though!

This is the best budget option: Canon G! X housing I use these Canon made housings with excellent results and not a single leak in many dozens of underwater trips. Easy to maintain, simply clean and silicone grease the seal regularly.

The top of the line option would be from Ikelite. Ikelite G1 X housing Great unit but they make you pay.

And then there is this from Polaroid Polaroid G1 X housing I have NO clues about it, but the price is good.

As for using bags for underwater photography, IMO, is they are more hassle then its worth.

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