does this count as `street`????

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Ray UK Regular Member • Posts: 275
Re:NikonFBoy - Ray UK// does this count as `street`????

Jack Simpson wrote:

You can't alter real life events ........ or, perhaps, I should say "you shouldn't alter real life events."

Hi Jack,
If this were a staggeringly good picture then I would agree with you but as (in my opinion) it is merely average then I think it needs some help to become a keeper. I wouldn't suggest that it needs major alteration and in retrospect I agree that  my suggestion of removing the man probably may have been a step too far.
I realise that with this sort of shot you only have a limited amount of time to grab it and a certain amount of luck is involved but if the camera had been preset to a larger aperture in the first place then the autofocus would have been fast enough to get the main subject whilst isolating the background.
I think the picture has possibilites but just needs a bit of work to get there.
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