Reviews, hands-on, samples of HS50 Part V

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Re: snowing here on long island awesome

alexisgreat wrote:

lol people take things so seriously, you'd think you dissed their family or something. Just a camera worth a few hundred folks, we all know the turnover rate with cameras- I buy a new one every three years or so, so it's no use getting attached to what we have right now, in a few years we'll all have new and better toys anyway.

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Same here. I bought the HS10 when it came out and the 50 is a step up. 3 year's time there'll be an HS80/90 and we can all have the same discussion.

Some people need to stop the tit-for-tat nonsense that is going to max this thread out again.

Blind fundamental arguments tend to get absolutely nowhere and this one is definitely following that trend.

Objectively there really is not the difference in IQ that our two main antagonists maintain. It is negligible. Some will like the fact that one is f2.8 all the way. Some will like the fast af, manual twist zoom and shot time of the other. That's it. Some like their steak cooked rare, others like it ruined. That's the upshot of having imagination and being capable of forming preferences.

If you those two don't pack it in they'll be the only ones on this thread because everyone else will have found something better to do.

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