DxOMark's measured ISOs vs. manufacturer ISOs

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Well now, that was fast

I see you've completely abandoned your first example - the one I took apart, piece by piece. The one where you forgot to equalize exposure (sort of embarrassing, eh).

I also see that rather than respond and admit that your example was flawed, you've now turned to fictional 'examples' that contain no pesky variables for you to keep straight - exposure, etc.

That must be some kind of record - I've never seen someone drop one invalid 'proof' and switch to a completely fictional one in such a short span of time. Bravo.

Jack Hogan wrote:

I don't even know where to begin, so I won't because something tells me Iìd be wasting my time, but for mere fun I'll take a crack at this gem

Yes, I am quite sure you don't have the slightest clue where to begin, now that I've picked your first example apart so thoroughly. Woops - you forgot about that pesky exposure thing - sort of an important thing to remember when talking about photography, right Jack?

texinwien wrote:

Jack Hogan wrote: Because of this fact it is not possible to measure the performance of camera A at a set in-camera ISO (let's call it Subjective S) and expect to meaningfully compare its results to those from Camera B at the same ISO setting.

Please provide a concise example in support of this statement. To be clear, I am challenging the validity of this statement and asking you to provide proof for it.

Here is my concise example:

Here is your fictional 'example' of how things might work according to your obviously false understanding of the topic at hand. I gave you the resources you'd need to understand the problem space. I suggest you spend a little more time studying up, because it's clear you don't understand the space yet (unless you do, and you're just a comedic performance artist, which possibility I'm not discounting with any degree of certainty).

Fictitious example of why arbitrary in-camera ISO labelling is not conducive to meaninglful comparisons



Ciao Jackie - get back to us once you put together a real-world example that illustrates your argument... Or else, once you realize that that's a fool's errand, and are ready to admit that you were wrong. We're waiting here with open arms.


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