can a tablet be my storage requirements on a trip

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Re: can a tablet be my storage requirements on a trip

I don't understand why people want a notebook or tablet PLUS an external drive, if an external drive is all you need: it is called a PSD and will do backups much faster, easier and safer than any laptop or tablet. There is no need for any other gear if you just need fast and safe backups.

I use a netbook plus an external HD.  I download to each device so that I have 2 copies of everything as a security measure.  All HD are vulnerable to crashes, but 2 crashes on different devices on the same trip would be rare enough to not worry about. If the trip were short, perhaps one very large card would be enough storage for the whole trip and no downloading at all is needed.

The larger display of the netbook, over the small LCD in the PSD is another plus factor.  Occasionally in image review on the netbook, I can see noise, sensor dust or exposure problems that are not easy to pick up on the camera LCD (or PSD), even with magnification.  I can then service my camera or change my shooting strategy or presets to improve the next days result.

Mike K

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