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Re: Gear for the Trail....after a lot of experimenting

There are some options if you want to keep the camera ready...

Backpack with a separate holster for the camera

using the same holster as a torso pack, but not to big, you want to see your feet.

Rigging the camera directly to the shoulder straps with a soft pouch around it.

Using a REAL backpack will for that backpack part usually better any camera pack and for a lot less. Probably lighter also If you want it integrated, it is not easy, especially if they are over 10-15kg heavy and a pain to rotate under your arm (well my back is not happy with that).

I am pretty happy with my Think Tank Rotation 360, it is heavy, it is small (but you can add modules etc, making it bigger and heavier. It is possible to strap a camelbak blather to the exterior.. Though you might want to check on for a blather with a filter, less need for much water.

Best thing of the rotation 360 is you can get a E-3 with 12-60swd attached and a 50-200swd in the belt pack and just rotate it out when needed.

And sometimes you see one second hand of fleebay because new they are uh expensive at 300usd

want to get it new, money no issue, then better take a hard look at the V2.0 of the rotation 360 the 180 from mindshift gear which is a loooot roomier, lighter etc... and a bit more expensive. Available from approx april And still on my shortlist also... So far only theoretical nitpicking thing i could find the belt pack is a lot bigger, meaning it also sticks further out, which is an issue if you carry it separately... Or maybe not, not sure on it. Realy hope to see that pack in real life soon

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