Best camera/lens/gear combo for under $1800

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Re: Best camera/lens/gear combo for under $1800

hi, would like to give my opinion/recommendation based on my own set of gears.

about the weather sealing, can't be helped. you'll have to look for other way to protect your gears if you went the NEX route. next, decide whether having viewfinder + hot shoe is important for you. if so, get NEX 6. otherwise, just get NEX 5R. that can be a small saving for lenses.

for the lenses, i can vouch for SEL16 and SEL55210. i don't know why but i prefer having primes for FL below 50mm (for APS-C, haven't touched FF). that's why i would recommend SEL35 for the next lens as a street and always-on-camera lens. with this route, if you still need a fast portrait lens, maybe you can get manual lens. the other route is to get Sigma 30 + SEL50. personally, i am rocking SEL16 + Sigma 30 + Konica Hexanon AR 50/1.4 + SEL55210. i also have SEL1855 but i barely touched it.

for bag and tripod, i think your option is wide open. while gorilla pod is compact, but you should also check out what i'm currently using, Velbon UT43D. and also, don't forget to get wireless remote to help create long exposure + selfies

not really sure how much the total cost for my recommendation, especially since i'm not living in US.

hope this'll help!

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