Canon EOS M is cheaper than RX100

Started Mar 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Should be half

I have considered G15, G1X, Pany LX7, Nikon V1/J1, Olympus XZ-1. They are all cheaper than RX100. Those has large sensor is way bigger than I want to carry. Those got the size has smaller sensor. Sony got the first to market this camera line year. Usually I don't like to be an early adopter, but my ultimate hiking trip is 2 week away, so. (I already had a Samsung WB750, but it is not sharp enough for post)

I expect the price will be chopped by half as more company bring out competition, unless Zeiss has some key patent on its lens design which I doubt.

I own some Zeiss lenses. Having Zeiss logo on the RX100 body is probably worth few hundred bucks.

Anyway, my camera is coming Monday and I am can't wait.

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