First shot with CZ 24mm

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Re: First shot with CZ 24mm

Jefenator wrote:

I've had my best luck removing CA manually with the eyedropper tool in LR4's "Lens Corrections" tool section (under the "Color" sub-heading).

I'm not sure what else to recommend, since one usually composes a frame and shoots wide open for pretty specific reasons. (You could try stopping down just a little bit - f/2 won't change the depth too much but it does seem to tidy up many things - particularly in the corners. Though I often find a certain amount of CA there even at f/8...)

Or maybe try the Leica Summilux 24/1.4 - that seems to have a lot less CA and is quite reasonably priced at $7000.

There is also the new $7K 50mm to compliment that. $21K list price for 2 lenses and the new M camera. Darn, they actually sell these things as fast as they can make them and you have to wait.  Oh well, maybe just order the new Sigma 19 for the time being...

Hate nerdy and expensive software solutions for CA? While waiting a year or two for this problem to be handled automatically by the cameras and cheap consumer photo programs, simply convert to B&W. I took an inform portrait of a kid and didn't notice the erie green reflection on her cheek (hey, it was free. I will pay more attention when paid, which will never happen). Tried a number of cheap tricks to get rid of it without perfect success, so converted to B&W. Looks better than the color shots anyway in this case.

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