Nikon D7100 crop factor

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Re: Thane... it really is the lenses

What a lot of you might not know, is that the Canon Rebel JPEGs are excellent now also.  Dpreview indicates that they are quite good (see the Canon T2i (550D) review for example).  I had to see for myself.  Here's some recent photos of a bird I took at ISO4000 with a Canon kit lens that cost me $150 (USD), as part of a bundled package.  This is similar to what I could get at ISO800 with my Olympus E-510.

To answer another reply, does another brand like the Nikon D7100 help me take better pictures?  Yes, very much so, especially during cloudy and rainy weather.  Eventually, a lot of you are going to find out.  My two Canon DSLR cameras are two generations behind.  I'm looking at what will be produced in the near future which hopefully are much better.  Sony and Nikon are pulling ahead; the Nikon D7100 is impressive.  We'll have to see what the rest of them do.

Here's my Canon ISO4000 out-of-the-camera JPEG photos, minimally post processed with IrfanView (no special noise reduction or extraordinary adjustments), using a kit lens.  This is typically what I did with my Olympus DSLR photos.  I would take JPEGs and just didn't like spending a lot of time with them on the computer.  My focus was taking excellent pictures at the time, concentrating on composition, proper depth of field, shutter speeds and exposure etc.

Well, I'm off taking pictures today in cloudy weather and some rain (which is typical where I live).  I'll see you all later.

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