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One of the things I liked about the Olympus system was the sensor size and crop factor which effectively doubles the focal length, great for extending the reach of the lens and getting nice wildlife shots, not so good for landscapes. However since i purchased my E-510 almost 5 years ago I like many others have been disappointed by the lack of investment in the DSLR market compared to the other major competitors, the lack of information seems to disappoint many dedicated Olympus users. I want to upgrade from my beginners E-510 to a better model and have been wondering whether to look elsewhere. I only have 4 lens the most expensive being the 50mm F2 macro which I really like. I have just noticed that Nikon have released the D7100 which as well as a 24mp sensor allows you to switch to a 1.3 crop mode (at 16 mp) which at a press of a button turns it into a 4/3rds camera. Another plus is the lack of a low pass filter supposedly giving sharper images.

I really like my E-510 and the quality of the lens but feel that there is a lack of choice in the Olympus range for me to upgrade to (just the old E5) so have made the choice to get the D7100 rather than wait for a possible E7 that may never arrive.. Seems a shame, I really thought I would stay with Olympus and build up a collection of lens over time but looks like their lack of investment in the 4/3rds market has finally made me move.

Do you think you will be able to take better photographs?

I hope to improve myphotography by learning more from more experianced people and experimenting and also by.slowly investing in better gear. I think technically I am improving, I usually now shoot in aperture or full manual mode and spend a lot of time thinking of interesting subjects or angles and backgrounds. The lack of investment in SLR by Olympus is what concerns me and it doesn't look as if it will improve, if I am going to go beyond a beginners SLR and invest then I want a system that is actively developed. yes while I have really enjoyed the e-510 and will probably continue to use it for macro and portrait, I think the Nikon provides the best platform for what I want, I think there are a lot more lens available and  the ommision of the low pass filter will apparently improve the sharpness of the images. Still time will tell. Iwon't get the Nikon until June so have a few more months with the oly only.

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