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Narcosynthesis wrote:

I think a lot of the stigma about kit lenses comes from a good few years ago when to be honest, most of them were junk - back in the day manufacturers hadn't developed the technology and design to the degree they have now, so zooms were typically a lot poorer quality than a (significantly simpler to design and manufacture) prime lens. The kit zoom was an item for beginners to use for snapshot photography, not for serious photographers.

Nowadays we have improved the design and manufacture to the point they aren't the handicap they used to be, and a decent photographer can get stunning images from them. Certainly some lenses will be better than others, but unless you are inspecting every image pixel by pixel at 100% then most won't notice a difference.

I fully agree with that. 10 years ago I was shooting film.  I had a kit lens, was happy with it, and blamed my technique for not achieving better quality images.  I then bought a medium quality 70-210 telephoto lens.  At the time, the difference didn't strike me.  However, I realized that the keepers were now 9 out of 10 times made with the 70-210, especially with outdoor pictures.  The kit lens pictures were always softer and somewhat hazy.  I changed it with a 24-85 and was happy afterwards.

Fast forward 2012.  I now own my first DSLR and I'm happy with it's kit lens.  Most characteristics are similar to my 24-85.  Cromatic aberrations are however much better controlled now, meaning that the 24-85 is now retired.

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