OM-D seems to have a slight image advantage over the GH3

Started Mar 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
Jack Hogan Veteran Member • Posts: 6,217
Sensor performance is virtually awash

texinwien wrote:

I think what you may be seeing as an advantage may actually be a bit of a wash - that is, the GH3 may have made tradeoffs, compromising on quality in one area in order to improve quality in another.

The quality is so close (to my eyes) as to be practically irrelevant to me, were I trying to decide between buying these two cameras. We'll have to wait for the expert reports , but I think the IQ difference between these two cameras is going to come up a wash, and that people trying to decide between them will be able to focus on the differences in price and other features that separate the two cameras.

Good post, tex.  Your experience confirms sensor measurements by DxOmark: virtually identical performance throughout the range, with the EM5 having immaterial teeny weeny advantages here and there.

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