Is there any way of finding out focus points on photo on A77

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Re: Is there any way of finding out focus points on photo on A77

You can expect it to be the point of highest contrast within the focal plane.  That can be anywhere in front of or in back of your intended target. You can pixel peep your magnified image results to find that.

It was a cause of significant error and much aggravation with the KM 7D.

Your A77 is much better at focus accuracy.  Unfortunately it is not like a high powered hunting rifle that hits what you point it at.  For lower contrast situations use Spot focus and try to keep your target in the center of the composition then crop the image for desired composition effect. Be sure that you have suitable ISO and shutter speed by using "auto" setting on the top dial if you are not certain.

Use Peaking and Focus Magnifier to aid in placing the focal point.  See page 124 of your user guide.  Use focus magnifier X2 setting to set focus point then go back to normal and carefully take the shot.

For more accuracy use a tripod and a remote cable release or timed release.  Be sure to turn off Anti Shake when using a tripod.

Take two of these and call me in the morning.

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