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Re: D800 UK availability

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

5tve wrote:

Any explanations why it's always the left AF sensor ?

Please stop twisting facts.

It is not always the left sensor, there are a few threads about the right sensor.

There is no twist of facts. In all cases (maybe 1 exception I don't know of), it is ALWAYS the left sensor, and in some cases it is the left and right sensor. Nevertheless, the above assertion is true, it is always the left sensor that is included.

It should be well known, because it is using the Nikon specification, that the centre sensors have better autofocus capability than the outer sensors.

It is also fairly well now that the outer detectors do not respond to some subjects in the central cross type senses can read the ease.

That doesn't answer the question why in the majority of the cases it is ONLY the left sensor.

It also does not explain why people do get sudden good results with the same targets after repair.

To understand that, you need to apply something that is called LOGIC.

Anybody able to score more than 5 out of 100 for logic should be able to work out the autofocus ability of outer and central points is not equal.

Anybody with a score of more than 0 out of 100 can see that the majority of cases reported are asymmetrical issues. The logical conclusion in those cases is that left behaves differently from right. Period. You have never been able to show within the context of a test why the left and right sensor behave differently. You have also never been able to explain why the right and left sensor show similar behaviour after repair with exactly the same target, where it was different before.

124 complaints on this forum seem to have been by photographers who did not use the D800 properly. There seem to be non using Nikon guidance.

Nikon personally told me I follow their guidance properly well. It is only you who seems to disagree. So your statement is incorrect.

People just show the results of a repeatable and well-managed test well in-line with Nikon's AF guidelines. It is you who transfer these tests into complaints, nobody else.

The only logical explanation as why those who seem not use the camera properly complain is because they post links showing they seemed not use the camera properly

There is always a definite silence in threads like this when I ask some-one to find a link to a problem using the camera in accordance with Nikon's guidance.

I did send you a link to Nikon's contact details to check with them about the validity of my test, but so far there has always been an utter silence from your side. Why didn't you take the effort to check that the targets used are OK, and why at the same time do you take the time to keep on complaining about someone else's contributions?

Can you show us a concrete test that is good enough? I'm convinced you cannot! You leave the initiative to somebody else, and seem to enjoy following up with a complaint.

Up to now you show no interest at all to check the facts, you are only interested to expose yourself over and over again with a flawed story to make other people look bad, which I think is a very very sad way of contributing to this forum.

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