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The D7100 crop mode is really cool. I like that the AF array covers the entire area. I think it would be great if Olympus did that on their E-7 giving us 2.5x compared to 35mm. That would make my 50-200mm act like a 100-600mm f2.8-3.5 (with and without crop mode).

That said, jumping up in lens quality will do more for your photography than a new camera imo and as I've already described, good quality Nikon lenses are very expensive while Zuiko HG are a smoking bargain. For example, there's another post where a guy got an E-3, 11-22mm, 14-54mm, 70-300mm, FL-50, FL-36, 4 batteries, and a Billingham Bag for $1400. Everything mint. That's a heck of a system  that if you were going to duplicate in Nikon (glass alone) would be much more expensive. I think you underestimate how good say the E-5 is compared with the E-510. It's old, but light years ahead of the E-510. The D7100 will be better in many ways IQ wise, but the gap between the E-510 and E-5 is very substantial.

That said, there is nothing wrong with going for the D7100. You will just need to put in a lot more money to get the same quality of glass. If you don't have the money and end up skimping on lenses, you simply won't realize the potential of the D7100 no matter how cool it is. But if I had the money, a D7100 + new 80-400mm would be mighty tempting even at the $3700 cost I'd have to pay for the body + one lens. Add another $2000 for good wide and normal.



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