Is Waterproof Dustproof too?

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Re: Is Waterproof Dustproof too?

edu T wrote:

Fave Photog wrote:

MickeyWickey wrote:

Thank you. That's actually a good idea, and I can test it right away with my Canon G9 and the underwater housing that I really never used.

I also saw this one in doing more searching around:

which touts weather sealing. Wonder if it's enough for the fine dust I'm trying to avoid. I don't expect we'll be changing lenses often, and if we do, it would be in the showroom area, not in the dusty production area.

Reason on the matter for a moment: Which is larger, a dust particle or a molecule of water? Correct, so if a camera/lens can seal out water, then it has to be able to seal out larger dust particles.

But think (or drink or bath in) water in the usual sense, not as vapor or air humidity: it doesn't come in loosely scattered individual molecules.

The last time I checked, water exists in three forms:  Solid (ice); liquid; gas (vapor).

So reason on the matter just another moment: which is larger, a speck of dust or a water droplet?

Then you should have no worries about setting your unsealed camera and lens out on the back porch the next time it rains, since according to your 'reasoning' there is no way that an object the size of a raindrop could fit through any of the many miniscule cracks or openings in a camera/lens.

Taking your 'reasoning' one step further, a bucket of water is much larger in size than a mere drop of water.  And, since, according to you, a drop of water is too large to enter the tiny cracks and crevices of a camera or lens, then certainly there is ​no​ way that the even larger body of water found in the bucket could do so, you should happily and confidently drop your camera/lens into said bucket.

No?  Oh, OK.

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