Have you seen these D7100 examples at high ISO ?

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Re: Have you seen these D7100 examples at high ISO ?

nikkorwatcher wrote:

I was curious to read the following:

"From its name, you might think the D7100 is set to replace the D7000, but like the D3100 and D3200, and the D5100 and D5200, the company insists that both the D7000 and D7100 will jointly be part of Nikon's ‘enthusiast' line-up. The D300S is now classed as a ‘limited-supply' model, and I would be surprised if the much-rumoured D400 will ever materialise to replace it. So, as the D7100 has both a high-resolution sensor and a weather-sealed magnesium-alloy build, it would appear that it could do the job of both the D300S and D7000."

He seems to be saying the D7100 effectively is the D400 and the D300 line will not progress. Does this make the D700 the flagship DX model?

They added *some* D300 features to the D7100.  However the main DNA is still D7000, not D300. For many, it will do the job, but it is not a D400.

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