Recommend me a good tele zoom legacy lens?

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Re: Recommend me a good tele zoom legacy lens?

I read your post and the replies with interest because I have the same want as you. I have the Lumix 45-200mm which is a decent lens with full features. But a bit more in the tele-range could come in handy at times. I finally settled for a Sigma 70-300mm f4-f5.6. The image quality is surprisingly good even out to 300mm. The bonus when using it from 200 to 300mm is the macro feature. At 300mm the macro ratio is 1:0.5.

Now here are the caveats. The version I bought is a Nikon mount. It actually AF on a Nikon but on M43 you forfeit that. Furthermore, in order to control aperture you must buy an obsolete version of the lens - D version which I believe is about 8 years old. This version has a manual aperture adjustment ring still. Subsequent versions did away with it and making them useless for the M43. The manual focus is stiff, at least on mine. The lens is rather big compared to the Lumix 45-200mm making it hard to handhold, at least for me. So a tripod is almost a must if you want to shoot at the long end. But then it is heavy so unless you can find a fitting lens tripod collar it will be an unbalanced load for your tripod.

In conclusion, if you are willing to overcome the challenges then this is a good lens and quite reasonably priced second hand.

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