Dilemma - replace GRD IV or not ?

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Dilemma - replace GRD IV or not ?

Back in January, a became an ex-GRD IV owner, courtesy of some low-life in Buenos Aires. Fortunately the GRD, and a handful of Sigma batteries, were the the only things of note in the shoulder bag that got lifted. Oh, and the GV-2 viewfinder of course

My initial thoughts (after the homicidal rage phase) were more or less shrugged shoulders. I got off lightly - it's pretty much the standard tourist tax in that city.  But I'm missing my GRD.  I had two GR1s before (still got one) and a GRD II which is retired due to serious malfunctioning.  So really no walk around, pocketable camera.  I do have the next size up, Micro 4/3, but that doesn't fit in a pocket.

Seems to me there are two options if I want this back: a new GRD IV, or a Sony RX100.  The RX100 is the "logical" choice, but I can't bring myself to want it. First of all, I may be prejudiced, but it seems to me that Sony as a company is the worst offender when it comes to overloading devices, including cameras, with stupid gadgetry.  The RX100 has no hot shoes, no provision for any VF of any kind, no grip, but it does have a "?" button, and a way to take your own portrait. Yay. Oh, and it spits out 20Mpix images, about twice the resolution I need, and about twice what I can reasonably handle on my iPad.  I do _not_ need 20Mpix for a walkaround camera. Seems that only Sony, and maybe Samsung, have missed the "that's enough megapixels, guys" memo.

But it has excellent reviews from well-regarded reviewers, and it has a useful zoom.  Oh, but no macro mode.

The GRD IV, on the other hand, is probably the best designed camera of any type, ever, but it is limited to 28mm (which may or may not be an issue. I find plenty of uses for 28mm, but my "default" focal length is closer to 90mm).  The biggest problem is that the GRD's price has not come down at all, even though it has been on the market for 2.5 years (I think), and it actually more expensive than the RX100.

I really like the look of the Fuji X20, and the Olympus XZ2, but they're much, much bigger, and not pocketable.

So, what do I do ? Bite the bullet and buy a new GRD? Be sensible and buy an RX100 ? Use my iPhone ? Wait for a mythical GRD V ? Or go back to film and the GR1v ?   Or get bigger pockets and use my E-P3 ?

I guess I could get a _white_ GRD IV

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