How do you track aperture for legacy glass?

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Re: How do you track aperture for legacy glass?

AlanB1976 wrote:

Photozopia wrote:

I think response to GodSpeaks comments need to be taken in context.

More experienced photographers will undoubtably roll their eyes at 'indexing' every shot ... it is part of the photo learning process that tyros want to replicate images successfully .... but experienced photographers will probably have learnt to store this info in the best storage medium ever - the brain - for instant recall.

And wouldn't the best way be to teach and educate others in that way instead of just saying "you suck, I'm awesome". I'm sorry, I know I am harping on the past, and I don't care if I upset some people but, in my mind that attitude is pathetic.

I can't speak for 'God' but ... as I said, the reaction to his comments is taking it out of context. No one is trying to belittle anyone ... even if you didn't like the tone of their reply.

At the risk of sounding a little like 'God' - photography (i.e. the technical bit) is not hard, even the camera probably 'knows' more about it than many users. Unless you are using manual only cameras ... and probably film to boot ... correct exposure is hardly an issue with modern day equipment.

My interpretation of Godspeaks' comment is that stressing about such a simple thing as 'exposure records' is never going to be the way to truly 'learn photography'. Mistakes and experimentation - which most here seem keen to avoid - are just as much a part of the learning process as success.

A hard lesson learnt is never forgotten- as someone famous once said. I don't know who ... I didn't keep a record of it - didn't need to, as I remembered the important bit.

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