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Riki wrote:

I am in the market once again having sold my D3 and D700. Following the forum posts and the issues with the D800 and the D600, could actual users please advice me if any of the actual users are regretting their decision. The D600 is ideal for me except for the AF-ON button which is missing. The problems with the D800 seem to have been resolved for now, I believe. If you were in the market with a budget for the 800 , which one would you buy. Thanks for all advice.

I bought a D600 that immediately showed that it had a severe problem with debris and oil spots on the sensor that a Copperhill cleaning kit proved insufficient to clean. Using the recommended amount of cleaning fluid had no effect. Using much more fluid only smudged the oil over a larger area. So I returned the D600, bought a D800 and have been very pleased with the way things worked out, especially since I also always have appreciated having a dedicated AF-On button. I've since learned that some of Visible Dust's detergent based cleaning fluids probably would have helped. That's too late for me but it may provide a workable solution for someone else.

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