Nikon D7100 crop factor

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Good luck with your D7100

You might as well hang onto your E510, because you won't get very much for it. Same goes for those two kit lenses you have. The 50mm f/2.0 is a really nice lens, but if I was in your place I would sell it to get $350 or so back, and buy a Nikon 50mm f/1.8 for $100... which is also a pretty nice portrait lens, but isn't a macro lens.

When I bought my E510 two lens kit almost 5 years ago, I paid $550 for it. I bought it because it was an incredibly good value, and I had enjoyed using my previous Olympus digital cameras (C4000, C7000). But a lot has changed in five years.

No one would ever call the E5 (or the imaginary E7) an "incredibly good value."

If you are looking for a good value today, you won't get it from Olympus 4/3.

If you are looking for the best technology, features and performance today, you won't get it from Olympus 4/3 (....although, you will find it in Olympus M4/3).

I think you made a smart move by buying the Nikon D7100, especially since you aren't that heavily invested in HG or SHG lenses. Since you didn't spend much going in, you won't be losing much when you get out. Your slight loss will be just the cost of using that wonderful camera for five years. Not a bad expense at all.

Four Thirds is effectively a dead system now, and even if there is one more body released, it will still be a dead system. There are around 30 wonderful lenses, but the best lenses aren't the cheapest ones. The system offers absolutely nothing for anyone on a budget. The E7, even with a new Sony sensor, will only make sense for people who already own $5,000 worth of HG and SHG lense.

After saying that, many folks will slam me for "being negative about Olympus," but I feel like I am just being honest and practical.

Despite this... I am still an Olympus fanboy, who uses an E30, an EPL2, and lusts after an OM-D.

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